Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blade Anime on G4TV!

From Marvel, the makers of modern myth...an iconic anti-hero brought to life with light-speed action and ambitious storytelling. He walks by day to take back the night. BLADE premieres January 13, only on G4.
I have watched the first episode so far and i cant wait for the 2nd episode. It is a new take on  the "Blade" story line which is good and bad. All i can tell from the 1st episode is that it is well written with a lot of action! So don't forget to watch it every Friday.

End Piracy, Not Liberty!

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the web! http://www.google.com/takeaction/

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Video Games Shaping The Future!

The other day i was cleaning my basement and i came across an old essay of mine. I figured i would share bits and peaces of it with you guys. As we all know a ton of parents and people regard video games as offensive,destructive,waste of time and plain old dumb. Their are also people that think video games are educational, not a waste of time, and fun. Video games are shaping the future especially in business,professional careers, schools, and hospitals. for instance companies that use video games to train their employees show a 100% to 200% return on investment. In 2006 corporate spending on training their employees exceeded 46 billion dollars in the united states alone. Only a small percent of that 46 billion dollars was spent on video games and training. According to the E-Learning guild "70% of corporations assumed the cost of creating a video game for their purposes would be to expensive". They were wrong, the E-Learning guild looked at more then 50 games built for corporate training and found that the average cost to be around 75k dollars with about half coming in below 50k. Another case study was done on doctors and truck drivers. According to N.E Seymour "Medical schools have used game-like simulators to train surgeons, reducing their error rate in practice  by a factor of six".
Truck drivers that practiced in realistic driving games reduced the risk of accidents by around half and increased fuel efficiency by 6%. Just think how many lives and money video games have saved company's and people alike. Two of my favorite video games that are great tools for learning are The Sims 3 and Civilization V. The Sims 3 can teach children about life and some of the responsibility we face every day. Civilization V is a great game to learn about history and tactics. Their are a tone of games and statistics i could right about, like how Dance Dance Revolution is used in more then 200 schools , Why? because active kids have a better chance at losing weight and increase their blood flow to the brain which in turns help produce better grades. That's just a brief description of Dance Dance Revolution and the effect it has on children. These were just some examples i used in my essay but as we progress and technology increase , video games will be used in everyday aspects to benefit society. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New drumstep remix!

Great job to D. E. T (DJ Drbblz & Ekim, Thorn on a Rose) Check out Going to Hollywood (drumstep remix) on sound cloud. Keep it up! --  soundcloud. com

New Year's resolution not again!

New Year's Resolution?  What does that mean? For me it's the beginning and end of things to come.  It's the end of eating unhealthy, no exercise, and being lazy.  Although it's the end of those things its the beginning of losing weight, feeling healthy, looking good, and getting ready for my wedding.  There goes my cheese fries and chicken wings once a week. Starting tomorrow alot of us will be starting something new or ending  old habits, whatever it is good luck stay committed and be safe this New Year. Please feel free to comment and let us know what your New Year's resolution is. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Journey through Star Wars The Old Republic!

I will be posting very soon about my virtual life as a Jedi Sage. All i can say right now is that the game is fun and very addicting. For now just keep checking back or follow us here at AWOL Media by clicking one of the follow buttons on the side bar.